Date:June 27, 2014

Post & Pre Natal

Scuplt n Mums

Sculpt n Mums
Sculpt NC is the only fitness centre in Ireland with pre and post natal exercise specialists. Geraldine McAleenan and Geraldine Kilcoyne are both members of The Guild of Post Natal and Pre Natal Exercise Instructor’s . At Sculpt we offer the ideal setting to begin safely exercising to return your body to its pre – pregnancy condition.

Sculpt offers their very own Sculpt n Mum’s program. Sculpt n Mum’s is the only programme in the area aimed at new mothers to help them get back into their pre natal shape. It is a healthy and sociable way to beat the post baby bulge.

New mums are able to take their babies to the workout where they can meet, chat and get fit at the same time with the Sculpt n Mums buggy workout with no child care concerns.

Pre & Post Natals

For more information about the class please contact us and speak to our expert instructors.